Friday, February 14, 2014

So, I left you hangin'

  Here it is -- the middle of February.  I've often wondered if I'll ever get the journal of the weeks in China recorded.  I have really good intentions, and it might take a really long time, but I'm determined to do it!!  :)

  However, just to let you know that we ARE still alive...  Here's a quick post!!!

  On New Year's Eve, Dan came down with the flu, and a couple of days later, I followed suit.  We both had a full week of fevers, chills and body aches.  Emily got a lighter version, and 2 of the other kids came down with it, too, before all was said and done.  I didn't feel well enough even to sit at the computer most of the time, and then when the time came around again that I did feel well enough, it was time for home schooling to start back up.  So, that ended any of the dreams that I'd had for some free time to get some blogging in!!

  Suffice it to say that our China Doll is loving life in Alabama.  She is doing EXCEPTIONALLY well.  She's gone from being almost non-verbal in Chinese to saying more than 70 words and phrases in English.... some of which have the cutest Southern accent ever!  We are ever so thankful and blessed by our sweet girl.  Dull moments are completely non-existent in this household!!