Monday, February 28, 2011

Tickets Purchased!!!

I bought our tickets to Bulgaria today!  Yay!  Things are moving along.  I'd looked at prices on Saturday online as soon as I knew which days we'd need to be there.  If I'd gone ahead and bought them right then, I probably could have gotten them a little bit cheaper, but I chickened out~!!  I decided to wait until today and contact a Christian travel agency that came highly recommended to us by others who have adopted.  I was afraid that I would overlook something important, and I just couldn't risk getting these wrong.  There really isn't a lot of breathing space because of our travel to Teodor's orphanage once we are in the country. 
We got a VERY good itinerary.... leaving late in the evening (around 8:00 pm) from Atlanta and arriving in Bulgaria at 4:00 the next afternoon.  Because of the time difference we'll only be traveling 12 hours!!  Wow- After those flights to Mongolia, this will be a breeze!

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