Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Boys!!

  Since I started this as an adoption blog for those that were following Jonathan's adoption, I haven't posted lots about our other kids.  However, as I was just looking through recent photos, I found a couple that I'd never seen before.  One of the girls must have taken these.  Meet my "Huckleberry Finn."

This has now become my favorite picture of Justin.  It is just classic him!!  It wasn't posed.... he really spends many of his days with bamboo and his pocket knife, making some sort of fort or new invention.  And, this next one is almost as good.

Justin is a country boy -- 100%.  He loves creeks, ponds, the woods, the barn --  and the dirtier he gets, the better.  I don't love the resulting laundry, but I love watching him explore.  Justin has always been a mud magnet.  And, we're finding Jonathan following in his footsteps!

What started as a simple mud pie (or actually, I think he told me it was a "mud pizza").....

 turned into a mud party!! 

And, Leslie joined the fun.

While Leslie thoroughly enjoys tea parties and dress up, baby dolls and playing with cooking things, she still doesn't shy away from a little mud (or a LOT in this case!)  

Of course, I wouldn't let them back into the house like this,   ---  so I got out the hose..... 

..... and washed away their mud, but not the memories!!!

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