Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Special Gift

     Today we were discussing names again, and how we want to hear what Teodor thinks regarding his name.  We have chosen a name for him that we'd decided to be his first name, and then planned to keep "Teodor" as his middle name.  Then, as he adjusted to life with us, we'd let him choose which name he'd rather be called.  We've heard that sometimes, kids want to break all ties with their past and really want to identify themselves as an American, and choose only to be known by American names.  However, some kids (especially those as old as Teodor when they're adopted) very much have their own identity tied up in their name.  We don't want him to feel that we're trying to make him into someone that he is not.  Now, thankfully, his name is not "foreign" to westerners.  If it were, then we'd definitely plan to change it because it's important for kids not to make fun of him....  and strange sounding names can become quite a joke among teasers.
      So, anyway, today I was thinking about this a lot after reading a blog post of a couple that were recently in Bulgaria to adopt a child the same age as Teodor.  After hearing how their daughter responded to the name they'd chosen for her, I thought again how Teodor might not be my first choice of what we'll call him, but if it's what he chooses, then that's fine.  I started wondering about the name, "Teodor," and decided to search the meaning on the internet.  I was so unexpectedly, wonderfully surprised to find that "Teodor" means............."GIFT OF GOD!!"
      Wow--  Well, I'll love it if he chooses to keep his name the same, and most certainly we'll keep it as his middle name no matter what.  He is most definitely our gift of God, and I am SO very thankful.

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