Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Article 5 letter

   Well -- it's finally in Toni's hands.  She will translate it, and submit it for authentication.  I got an email from her today with that news!  So, with the "new strategy" I won't even try to foresee how long it will be before we head to the next step!!  The Lord knows... and I'll submit to His timing.  I've had plenty of practice in that type of submission thing!!  ha!
   One other fun bit of news is that Shelley is heading to Bulgaria this weekend.  And, on Monday, she'll see our sweet Teddy!!  Of course, she'll be there to visit her little girl, but she promised to see Teddy and give him a hug for us!  And, I mailed her a packet to give to Teddy as well.  So, this next week, he'll have a reminder that we have not forgotten him, and hopefully he'll understand that we're working hard to bring him home!!

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