Monday, June 13, 2011

Change in Strategy

   I just checked to see what my last post was, and decided that I needed a strategy change or this whole process was going to get too frustrating.  So, from now on, I'll keep all the hopes of the "good news" to myself, and I'll just post things as they actually happen instead of how we are hoping that they will happen.
  --Guess I should explain myself here. 
  We'd hoped that Toni would be able to go to her appointment at the embassy last Monday...  which she did.  Then, we'd hoped that she could go back on Tuesday and get the Article 5 document that she must have in order to proceed with the next step..... and remember, they'd told her that there would be "next day service."
  Well, when she went on Monday, the person who was supposed to review our file was not there.  And, she called later in the week and the Article 5 document still wasn't ready for her to pick up.  I still have not heard from her, so I'm supposing-- in this case -- that no news means no good news.    :(

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