Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Yes, and a No

   Well, the answer for the pictures arriving in time for Toni to go for an appointment at the embassy on this past Thursday was a no.  The pictures did not arrive until afterwards...  but they DID arrive (which is better than being lost in snail mail!!  Ha Ha!)  So, now Toni has an appointment on Monday afternoon.  And, the really good news is that the document that the consular has to give Toni will be ready on Tuesday!!  Yay!  I think that the embassy can take up to 5 days to issue the document, but next day service is wonderful!
   The next step is to get this document (called an Article 5 letter) translated since it will be in English-- naturally, coming from the American embassy!  Then, the translation has to be authenticated.  These are small steps... but at least they are steps in the right direction!!

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