Monday, November 21, 2011

If you want to be blessed............

   Some of you know that Dan and I and our family have been back living in America for four year now... and that for quite a few years prior to that we were in Mongolia.  It was actually in Mongolia that we met, have lived most of our married years, and actually experienced God's first move in our hearts to be touched by orphans.  It was there that my older girls and I first walked through an orphanage's doors, played with the children, and left burdened for all of them that were in need of a family. 
   Now that we've been back in Alabama for these years, it's sometimes easy to feel like an American again.  However, all it takes is one phone conversation with either a Mongolian friend or a former co-worker to make me realize loud and clearly that a large part of my heart is still there, and always will be.
   Today, though, it wasn't a phone conversation, but pictures and a story on the blog of a lady who is THERE right now--playing with the children in that orphanage that we visited, seeing the faces of those children and lots more.  My eyes were full of tears and my heart was wow-ed by all that God has done for them already on their journey. 
   If you want to be blessed by hearing just a little of all that God can do, go HERE and read about their trip.  At least 2 of these ladies are adoptive moms, both having adopted 2 children each from Mongolia themselves, and who have returned (one of them makes an annual trip) to take supplies to the children still waiting in orphanages in that country.  Scroll down to the November 20th post to read first about the miracles that God did to get them there with all their luggage in the first place, and then go back up to the pictures of sweet faces of those precious children!!!

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