Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Snail Mail

  Today I got an email from Toni saying that she had contacted the embassy about our file.  Notice of the approval we received from the immigration and citizenship office has made it to Sofia and the American consular there!  That was great news!
  HOWEVER, then she gave the not-so-good news.  She was waiting on pictures of Teodor to come from his orphanage director in order to apply for his passport/visa.  The pictures had been sent, but because it's from a rural place quite a ways from the capital, they are just taking awhile to get there.
  SO --  if she has the pictures in tomorrow's mail, she can go to the embassy on Thursday for an appointment on our behalf.  If not, she'll have to wait until next week.
  Naturally, I'm praying that the pictures arrive...  we'll see if this is God's timing or not!!

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