Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catching up

   It had been so long since I posted here that I really thought that anyone who had actually been following my blog would have long since given up on me!!  However, a sweet friend that I don't get to see much anymore emailed to say that she was waiting for an update!!  (Thanks, M!!)
   So, that gave me encouragement to try to catch up just a little bit --- OR,  a lot, if time allows!!

   When I last posted, we were only a week before our home school Spring Break.  Now, we are only a week before our summer break is OVER.  Oh Dear -- lots and lots of water under those bridges.

   So, maybe I'll break it down into smaller posts and I won't lose anyone with one extremely long post!  We were very ready for Spring Break, and I wanted nothing more than to stay at home and have some "down" time.  We got just that -- nothing fancy, no vacations, the time flew.... and yet I needed every second of it, because we were about to get the second biggest family change of the most challenging school year ever.

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