Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So, Now you know....

the REST of the story!!

Now you know why my blogging dropped into never-never land!! :) Compounding the busy life that we were living was that I was also struggling with iron deficiency that had me feeling exhausted even if I hadn't been trying to manage the schooling of kids at 7 different levels, including 2 ESL students!! We survived though, and it was good for everyone.... good for me to see God's reminder that, yes, His timing is always perfect, good for me to learn to depend on Him in ways I hadn't before, good for Anna, Sarah, and Rachel who all 3 took up the slack with lots of meal preparation, and also took on a little bit of school supervision of some of the younger ones!! We survived... and I do have a few pictures to show it!

Can you tell from these photos that the kids take great pleasure in doing home school work
 anywhere and everywhere?!?


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