Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thursday, December 12 - Part 2

  Once we were back at the hotel, we decided that it was time for supper.  We walked down the street to a local pizza restaurant.  We'd actually been there last night, too, with the Varnons.  It was good, and it was close, and the price was reasonable --- so we decided for a repeat!!
  Were we ever in for it!!  I don't know if it was a reaction to the day of having been back at the orphanage or what....  but little miss Emily was a complete terror.  Dan and I were completely exhausted by the end of the evening.
   She started by ripping the paper place mat into little pieces, and laughing with her way of letting us know that she's attempting to get negative attention.  When the place mat was in bits, and that didn't get too bad of a reaction, she started throwing things at the glasses with our drinks and at a vase that held flowers.  We gave her the drink box and straw that had her milk in it, and she popped the straw out over and over, making sure to make milk fly each time.  She stood up in the chair repeatedly trying to scare us with the possibility of her taking a nose dive, and she'd scream if we tried to hold her down.  We'd try to distract her with a toy, and Emily would throw the toy in the floor with gusto and laugh when we went to pick it up.  She would put food or drink into her mouth, only to spit it back out and laugh when we tried to wipe it off her clothes.  As soon as we could finish enough of our own bites to feel decently full, we left in a hurry.  -- Not exactly a relaxing meal.  It seems that the more tired Emily is, the worse she acts, so it was obviously past bed time!!  Since we were so tired, and mentally worn out, too, we went to bed almost as soon as she was asleep.  Nobody said that adoption was easy....  Emily is out to prove it!

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