Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday, December 14th

   Today was another day that allowed us to continue following our designed routine for Emily.  After the early morning part of the routine, we went down to breakfast.  While there, we met several of the new families that had arrived in Guang Zhou yesterday.  Getting to know these other families has proved to be a highlight for both Dan and me.  There are SO many incredible stories, so many inspiring people, so many sweet kids that you look at and just rejoice that they have seen the last of orphanage days!!
   Because we knew that we had to meet with our local agency staff at 2:00 for a paperwork process meeting, after the typical walks around the hotel, and some play time in our room we opted for lunch in our room and an early nap time.  This afternoon, we got to meet another one of the translators that we'd heard lots about.  She is a real sweetheart, too, and certainly knows the ropes as well as Miko.  Both Dan and I went to the meeting room with Emily, but we decided that I would be the one to stay, while Dan and Rebecca took Emily and 2 other little girls to the hotel activity room for some play time.  I met the other "paperwork people" -- one parent from each family, as we tried to organize and get ready for the days ahead.  The 2 other little girls that went to play with Emily belong to the same family.... and this brave lady came over without her husband to adopt 2 sweeties at the same time....  from two different locations, so she's already been in China for awhile!  She is absolutely incredible--- a family friend came over initially to help her, but the friend got VERY sick in the first 2 days and had to return to America, leaving this mom to handle it all herself!  She went back to her room after the meeting, but we called her later to see if she wanted to have supper with us.  We had  felt like we'd been somewhat challenged in dealing with Emily.... but we quickly gained a new perspective when we watched her for awhile.  There are 2 of us to 1 Emily.  Our new mom friend is 1 adult to 2 little ones (one of which can not walk, by the way!)  So, we ventured out together, and Miko, who was still at the hotel, came along with us.  We opted for close to our hotel, so we went back to the same Malaysian place we ate at last night.  Emily did much better this time around.  She had 2 different adults and 2 new little kids to look at and keep her interested in something else besides seeing how much difficulty she could cause at the table!!  :)

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  1. How are things going? I think of you so often! ((((((HUGS)))))))