Saturday, May 7, 2011

One step closer each day----

   All week long I've been working on adoption stuff, and it's getting done actually faster than I'd thought it would!
   Monday: I contacted the very nice psychiatrist who saw Dan and me last October and signed his name saying we were mentally fit to add another child to our crew!  For the Bulgarian gov't, this psych. report has to be updated every six months.... so it was now out of date.  Yes, we could have gotten a little bit crazier (due to all this paperwork, no doubt!) since then, but Praise God, the doctor didn't make us come back to Birmingham to prove we were still sane enough!  He and I talked and emailed a couple of times, and we were set to receive new reports.
  Tuesday:  I contacted our local police dept. to see what we needed to do to update our fingerprints that would be sent to the FBI.  I worked on that application online and got it printed off.
  Wednesday:  Got the money order we'd need to send off with the fingerprints.  Also, the very helpful wife of our local family doctor updated our medical reports for us AND got them notarized for me AND even brought them to me at church -- hand delivered!!  How's that for service?!  Our notarized psych. reports came in the mail that evening as well.
   Thursday:  Dan and I went to the local police to get our fingerprints done to be sent to the FBI. (This was now the fourth time we've been fingerprinted, and I'm praying that the sets done were good enough!) We also got updated local background checks done at the same time.  (Those expire after 6 months, too.)
   Friday:  I'd already printed off 3 more forms that Toni needed for things in Bulgaria -- one power of attorney form and 2 things needed in the court process.  Dan and I took these and the local background checks and had them all notarized by yet another very helpful lady who has signed her name to our documents more times than we all can count!  Then, we got the fingerprint package sent off to the FBI as well.
  On Monday, I'll take all the notarized documents to the Sec. of State so that she can apostille them for us -- -one more layer of certification.  After making copies of everything to keep for our own records, I'll send it all off to be checked and sent on to Bulgaria.
  Each thing checked off gets us a step closer to having all this paperwork finished!!!  It's a great feeling to be nearing the end, even if we're still months away from getting Teddy home.  Every day is a day closer.

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