Thursday, May 5, 2011

Temporarily Lost in the Craziness

  I've been wanting to post again since we've been home and have regrouped a little, but life kept sweeping me along, and I couldn't come up for a breath!  The first week after we were home was unbelievable.  We readjusted back to the time with very little jet lag coming this way, for which I was very thankful!  I felt very strange for several days, thinking over and over about our days there-- feeling like I was still half there, not really wanting to be all here....  never having had the feeling before that I have kids on two different continents!!  They always went with me to which ever one I was going to at the time.  It was extremely strange.  I will be very glad to have one whole family HERE when Teddy comes to join us at home!
  We got home on the weekend, and Sunday was Easter, and Monday was school again.  I'd had home school assignments for the kids to be doing while I was gone, but I had only had time to think ahead for that week, and not the one that we'd be starting into when I got home!  So, we had a big "wing it" week!!!  On Monday morning, I was working to get adoption paperwork sent off, and school was just sort of a haze going on around me!  Sarah and Rachel came downstairs at one point and asked what their creative writing assignment was for the week.  I thought for half a second, and told them to do an essay comparing/contrasting the pros and cons of international adoption!  Ha!
  Tomorrow makes 2 weeks that we've been home, and I feel like I am just now starting to look around me with time to accomplish something more than just the immediate need that is pressing on me the most at that minute.  The girls (with my parents' help) had done an exceptional job of taking care of things while we were gone.  Laundry was not piled up waiting for me, and the house was in pretty good order!  Leslie was still sick for several days after we got back, and she definitely needed extra "Mommy time!"  That combined with working to get our I-800 (citizenship and immigration paperwork for Teodor) sent off, working to get summer camp registrations sent in before the deadline, as well as a deadline for paperwork for another summer program we were working on -- all falling in the week that we got home added up to being quite overwhelming!  But, things are slowing down a little bit now.   This current round of adoption paperwork looks like it's going to be finished right about the time that the kids and I finish up the school year.  What a change of pace that will be....  when I don't have school work to prepare or anything to print, notarize, or take to the Secretary of State to be apostilled!!

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