Monday, May 16, 2011

This much finished!

Last Monday (one week ago today), I collected everything we'd gotten together, made copies, and took off for the Sec. of State's office.  I got in and out of that office in good time, and headed right to the UPS store.  The package didn't have to go very far as I was sending it off to a family also in Alabama who was leaving to go on their 2nd trip to Bulgaria to bring their little boy home.  They actually hand delivered our precious package (and several others from other families, too!) right to Toni in Sophia on Saturday.

I snapped a quick picture in the UPS store of the treasured Secretary of State's seal!  :)  They DO look official, don't they? 

Below is the picture of our dossier before it went off to Bulgaria at the end of November last year.  It's just unbelievable all the layers and layers of checking and certification that go into this.  Toni still has to translate the things that we sent to her this time, and have the translation certified as well.  So, it isn't even finished getting the official-looking touches yet!

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