Friday, May 27, 2011

Teddy Turned Nine!!

   Today is Teddy's birthday, and - Lord willing -- it's the last one to spend without his family around him to celebrate, too.
   Earlier in the month, I had sent him something for his birthday.  Then this week, I'd emailed a letter I'd written to his English teacher.  Communication is tricky because the English teacher doesn't have e-mail, and the orphanage director has email but doesn't know English.  So, I sent it to the orphanage director, thinking she could print it and deliver it to the English teacher who could translate it.  Well, the orphanage director wrote me back!!!  I was SO excited a couple of days ago when I got a reply email from her that she had typed and then translated into English with a computer translator.  The translation was really good.  Of course, it wasn't a long letter, but she told me that they would do something to celebrate Teddy's birthday, and that she would take pictures!


  So, today I was THRILLED to check my email and find FIFTEEN pictures of Teddy on his birthday!  I won't post them all, but you can see that the director and his caretakers did all they could to help him have a FUN day! 

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