Saturday, July 23, 2011


  Tonight I placed a New Testament in the hands of our special summer guest.... one written in her own language.  I wish I could have captured the look of joy on her face!!  She hugged me so tightly with her head pressed against my face that I thought she would break my jawbone!  She might be tiny, but she is strong!!
  This came after I had told her that it was time for bed.  I was helping Leslie with her pajamas and she came in to remind me that we had not yet prayed together as a family.  I guess it had appeared to her that we were forgetting that part of our routine, and apparently didn't want to go to bed without it.
  She has asked several questions about spiritual things in the last few days.  This shouldn't surprise me at all, since I've asked LOTS of people to be praying that the Holy Spirit would be moving in her heart.  Her attitude about Christianity has changed from one of "I really don't have time for that," into what appears to be true interest.  A friend who speaks her language has been sharing with her and answering her questions.
  How very blessed we have been to have been privileged this summer to be a part of her life.  Can I say again that it has NOT been always easy.  We've not always had warm, fuzzy feelings like I had when she let me go out of her death-grip hug and started reading her Bible.  She has not always had those feelings toward me, either!  But, -- blessed  -- definitely is what we are.

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