Thursday, July 21, 2011

Travel Dates Soon to Come--

   I started looking at ticket prices last night!  As soon as we hear from Toni on our actual date that she can schedule us to arrive in BLG, we'll be purchasing tickets to go get our boy!!  When I think of the reality of it all, I can hardly contain myself!!!  Toni emailed yesterday and said that we might know something this weekend~!
   In the meantime, our days are full --- learning LOTS about communication (or what we might think  we are communicating) and "bonding" through our relationship with our special summer guest.  I just can't even begin to describe how great this summer hosting program has been for our family.  This is certainly NOT to say that it has been the easiest summer ever!  But, we have all learned so much through it.  Naturally, I think we've learned more through the struggles than the easy things.  So, the hard things have been hard  but very, very worthwhile!!  God is SO good.

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