Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still on "Cloud Seven!"

      Just to add to the thought of "what God can do" --  I was thinking back to a post (find it HERE ) in which I had more-or-less written out the process that we had to go through between Trip 1 -- meeting Teddy-- and Trip 2 -- bringing Teddy home!
   Before Monday afternoon, I thought that we were stuck at number 4!  We were waiting for the signatures of people in the gov't office before our file could be sent to the courts.  We'd not heard from Toni that those signatures had been given (... found out later that Toni had been having email troubles and had been sick).  I'm still not sure exactly when those 2 people signed their names to our paperwork and sent it on.  But, there I was...  sitting at number 4!!  Sunday night I was moaning to Dan about this length of time, and he was doing his best to encourage me, and all the while God knew that in a few short hours, we'd have the news that Teddy was OURS!!  Don't you know He was smiling!!
  Shelley got the news first, and said that she searched for our phone number for 20 minutes so that she could call and tell me!!  In the one brief minute that it took her to tell me that, "I have some fabulous news for you..." we jumped from step 4 to step 7!!  So, here we are.... on "cloud seven!!"

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  1. Yay!!!!!! Thanking Him that this child is no longer an orphan!!! I'm joyful to read this great news!!! Blessings and prayers for your family as you wait these final weeks until he comes home!!!!