Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Friday - On to Guang Zhou

   This morning we didn't have anything on the schedule, so we decided to
go back to Walmart to pick up a couple of things.  Our main item on our
list was a teether for Bethany.  She has 3 cute little teeth, and it
looks like she's about to cut another one.  Her gums are bothering her
and she's chewing on anything and everything.
Our other Lifeline family needed some things, too, so the dad went along
with us, and we trooped through the first floor.  Even though the deli
area had some roasted Peking ducks hanging that might have tempted us, we
pushed on by and willingly passed on the goat's leg (I'm not talking about
leg of lamb....  this was fresh goat leg-- complete with the hoof!!).
chicken feet, and sides of pork!!
We found exactly what we wanted in the baby section, made our purchases,
and headed back to the hotel.  As often is the case with babies, we might
as well have not wasted our time.... we opened up the teether, gave it to
Bethany, she won't give it the time of day!!  Her current "teether" of
choice is her shoe strings!!  But, since her feet never touch the ground,
I guess her shoe strings are fairly sterile!!  :)
We just snacked on food we had in the hotel for lunch and packed up for
Guang Zhou.

Here's Bethany playing on the floor while we packed!

 We had to check out by 2:00, and then David took us to the
airport.  He has 2 or 3 other families coming to Kunming for adoptions
next week, so he'll stay to meet them, and another Lifeline guide, Aron,
will meet us at the airport in GZ.  We'll meet up with 3 other families
(in addition to our 2 that have been here in Kunming) for the rest of our
stay in China.

The flight took about 2 hours.  We were interested to see how Bethany
might do while flying!  Let's just say she wasn't too crazy about it!  She
played with a few toys that kept her interested (but not for long!) and
then were served a meal.  That was tricky because she was within reach of
both of our food.  So we took turns eating while the one with Bethany kept
her from dumping the other's food off the little pull-down table!  From
that point on, it went downhill.  She fussed and fussed... but not yet in
full screams.  We passed her across the aisle to our friends and their new
son who all love her as much as we do!!  Then, the Chinese lady sitting
beside us tried to take a turn!  Bethany can be hard on hair, and the lady
wasn't aware of that!   While Bethany was sitting in her lap facing her,
she reached up and took a big handful and yanked and wouldn't let go!!  Oh
yikes.  But, the lady (who could speak a little English) said it didn't
hurt too much!  :(    After we got her fist out of the lady's hair, it
pretty much was all screams from there on.  The people behind us were
sympathetic, but the ones ahead didn't offer their opinion!  One of the
Chinese young men behind us was trying to practice his English on her.  He
said, "Little girl, Why are you crying??"  Then, he actually almost got
her to stop by peeking at her from around the seat.  That was short-lived,
though, and she basically just screamed until we got off the plane.
We were very glad to find Aron (she is a lady, so maybe she should spell
it "Erin") and head to the Garden Hotel.  Our room looked so familiar.
Last time because Emily was from this province, we actually spent 2 weeks
here in the Garden Hotel, and it felt like coming home in China!  Even
though we were 3 floors down from last time, the room was identical, and I
unpacked and "knew" where to put everything.... it already had a familiar
place!! :)

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