Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gotcha Day - Part 2

When we left the office with Bethany, we headed back to the hotel room and played with her for awhile.  She enjoys looking at the toys and especially likes the one with sounds and lights, of course.  It also speaks Chinese!  Before too long we decided to have an early supper downstairs in the hotel restaurant.  We ordered congee for Bethany (rice porridge), and she ate some.  Maybe it was the food, but it seemed like supper time helped to relax her a little bit more.  After she got full, she propped her foot up on the table.  When I tickled it, she laughed for the first time all day!  It was the cutest chubby chuckle!!!  I had been holding her and hadn't eaten anything myself, so Dan finished and took her from me, and she didn't cry at all and had lots of fun with him looking at Christmas decorations around the restaurant and lobby.
We came back to the room after a long, slow walk and played with her on the floor.  This time we put her down on her tummy since she was in a pretty happy mood.  I expected it to make her mad, but she rolled all around on the floor and had a good time.  I don't think it will be too long before she starts to crawl.  I doubt that she's had much opportunity to learn to crawl, because at most orphanages, the babies are kept mostly in their cribs or some type of baby seat.  It's sad but understandable because there just isn't enough staff to watch a whole bunch of babies scoot around on the floor.
When she got fussy, we decided it was bath time.  We'd been told that she regularly had a bath.  She LOVED it, and her personality came out even more!!  She splashed and laughed and made funny happy goat sounds!!  It was hysterical!  

So, after her bath, we got her pjs on, and I got her bottle ready.  By the looks of her cheeks and the rolls of chub on her legs, she doesn't miss a meal time!  She surprised me, though, and didn't finish all of it before she was sound asleep.  I decided to see if we could get her into the pack-n-play that the hotel had set up for us, and Dan helped me ease her down into it.  She stayed asleep, and with the exception of crying out a few times, she slept all night!!  The whole transition is completely blowing my mind!!  She is doing AWESOME.  I know that lots of people are praying for us, and it is just going so well.

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