Sunday, December 6, 2015

Here we go again!!!

December 9th is Emily's official Gotcha Day anniversary.  This coming Wednesday marks 2 years since we took Emily kicking and screaming from the civil affairs office in China and she became a Jacobsen!  As far as the calendar goes, since her Gotcha day was a Monday, then Monday the 7th marks 2 years in a sense.  Guess where we'll be on Monday, December 7th?!  Back in a civil affairs office in China for the Gotcha Day of another precious little Chinese girl!!  The exact week--- two years later.  God's timing is amazing.

Last year about this time, Dan and I knew that God was leading us to adopt again from China.  We were busy with the holidays and didn't start the application with our agency until the end of January, officially starting our home study in February.  I never dreamed in a million years that it would go this quickly.  10 months down the road and here we are again....  in an airport on our way to bring home Jacobsen child  #9!!  Incredibly mind boggling!  And, yet, every single time I saw Emily soaking up love and thoroughly enjoying her life in every way, I couldn't help but think of how VASTLY different her little life had become.  Sure, some other family might have adopted her even if we had not.  She might have been thriving in someone else's home just like she was thriving in ours.  BUT, we would have missed out on hundreds of blessings without having followed God's plan for US!!!  And, I wouldn't miss this one now for anything in the world. 

People say, "You can't save them all."  No, we most definitely can't.  But, if God asks us to be a part of impacting the life of one more, then let me be first in line.

Dan and I head into this adoption with fewer grand ideas of how it will be than we did with our first adoption.  Realism hits hard sometimes!!  :)  Adoption is ALWAYS hard, because if a child had not had to face some type of terrible trauma, or --at best -- difficult circumstances surrounding his/her story, then adoption would never be necessary.   So we move forward with fear and trembling, with excitement and frazzled minds!!  ..... but most of all with a very clear conviction that THIS is what God is asking us to do, and so here we are...again!

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