Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Side note

To try to minimize confusion, this note is from Rachel at home in Alabama.

As some of you already know, Mom cannot access her blog from China, so she is sending us reports day by day, and then we post them here.  However, this process has made the blog fall behind "real time."  (This is Tuesday, and the last post was of Wednesday last week in China)  Meanwhile, a few days ago Mom and Dad got food poisoning.  Thankfully Bethany hadn't eaten anything out of that meal except for a banana, so she didn't get sick. Thank you to all who have been praying for them!  Mom wrote this morning to say that they were feeling better, and had been able to attend the important Consular's appointment that had been scheduled for yesterday.  Please pray for continued strength as they will soon start the long trip back home.  We're so excited to see them again!  They will fly into the Atlanta airport late Thursday morning.


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