Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sunday -- shopping

   Our group met to load up in the bus this morning at 9:30.  The first stop was the Chan clan home.  It's an old home that has been turned into a museum that includes lots of original furniture and artifacts of the family and Guang Dong province.  In different rooms surrounding an outdoor courtyard there are artists doing exhibitions of their work.  You can order scrolls or fans or pictures with your child's name in Chinese hand painted while you wait.  We were here before with Emily, and it was fun to take a couple of pictures similar to ones we did 2 years ago.

Next we went to a shopping center that is known for its wholesale jade and pearl market.  

The kids were getting a big antsy at this point, and we entertained them while one parent was making a purchase by going down, around, and back up this escalator!!

                            Dan is in the middle of the up escalator with Bethany in the pink!

Whenever the opportunity arises, we fall into natural conversation with one or the other of these families along with us.  It seems like we've all known each other a long time, and I just love the way everyone works together in survival mode!!  These are awesome families!!

After shopping, we headed back to the Garden Hotel.  We let Bethany take a good nap, and we rested, too.  When she was up and after she'd had a bottle, we went for a walk in garden behind the hotel.  The whole place is so beautiful.... great for a photo shoot!

Our room is about half way up on the far left wing.

This little chunk is heavy!!  :)

Our group met up in the lobby to all go out to eat together again.  This time it was to an Italian place.  We have lots of options for restaurants within good walking distance.  Our only disappointment was that our favorite restaurant from 2 years ago had been replaced by a Korean cafe.  

Bethany was really restless, and finally we realized why..... she proceeded to have quite the blow-out diaper!!  We had to exit early and head back to the hotel for a bath and to wash out clothes!!  

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