Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday and Good-byes

   I have lots and lots to tell, but most will have to wait.  It's after 9 pm here, and we still want to Skype with our kids at home for a few minutes and then head to bed.  We have to get up at 4 am to head to the airport.  We had a great time with Teodor this morning, and I wanted to tell everyone a BIG thank-you for praying for me with the good-bye part.  It was hard, but managable-- with God's grace!! 
     To start with, though, the weather was much, much better today, and we got to go outside.  It gave us lots of room to play in (the room we'd been in every day till today was very small.  It's a wonder that he had not broken furniture, the mirror and the windows with our playing ball in there!).  Teddy loves the tire swing, and of course we had the beloved ball along, and there were things to climb on.....  but the best part was when we somehow or other communicated that we'd play hide and seek.  Toni and Marti had stayed outside the play yard, so we didn't have a translator, so this was really our "first go" at the language barrier -- tough, to say the least.  But, we managed, and it was a blast!

Look, Teddy, You're as tall as I am!!

Just hangin' out with Daddy!

Teddy's hiding.....

Where's Teddy???

Oh-- He found me!!!

Then came the good-bye.  We got Marti to take some pictures for us before we left.  Teodor really just can't comprehend all that is going on.  We would much have rather played with his ball than hugged (and even kissed!!  Oh Dear!) these people good-bye!  The director was so sweet and was trying to get him to do the expected good-bye things.... blow kisses, wave lots, follow us out the gate, and all that.  I was barely holding it together and was just thinking, "Let's just skip all this and let him go get his ball and be happy!!"  But, God's strength is sufficient, and I didn't cry till we were down the road!!  I'm sure when we were out of sight, life went back to normal for him and he got his ball back!!  Just that thought made me happy.  I know that on this end of things, we'll be doing everything possible to get back there quickly.


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