Monday, April 18, 2011

Visit on Monday afternoon

    Our second visit was much better than the first…  Not that the first went badly, but we were all just tense.  Teddy was so cute when we arrived back at the orphanage.  He’d asked if he could keep a Bob and Larry matching card game that we’d played with him.  We told him he could, and that we’d play again in the afternoon.  Right away when we saw him, he brought out the cards and said, “I took care of them!”  He’d hidden them under the chair cover!  It was so funny!  We played cards again.  He played with Dan and then with me.  We had to keep making it harder for him, because he was so good.  We had started with just 8 cards and had moved up to 16.  Then, we added a third one of each kind, so that you didn’t just find a pair; you turned up 3 at a time and had to find 3 that matched.  I didn’t think I could do it!  Ha!
   Then, we started making up games with the ball.  In that, without a doubt, he has me beat!  Again, we started with simple things (rolling or tossing to each other) and moved to more difficult.  Dan started making his arms into a hoop, and Teddy was shooting the ball like a basketball.  He made it every time.  So, he started making the “hoop” smaller…. Teddy still made it almost every time.  Then, he started moving his arms back and forth (in rhythm so that it was predictable) and he STILL made it!  He loved every minute of it. 
   When we had to go, Toni asked him if he would give each of us a hug.  He looked at her like, “What in the world would I do that for?”  But, he did!  And he even squeezed tight~.  Better keep up those prayers for Thursday at noon, because I was in tears when I left him today!!!
   Two really sweet things that happened that show what a good kid he is:  We asked him what he had for lunch and he told us.  Then, he started telling us a lot that of course we didn’t’ understand.  Toni said that he was telling us about how he helps feed some of the younger kids when he’s finished.  And, it’s not because they make him.  He’s like a big brother.  In the middle of one ball game, we could hear another kid crying loudly in another room.  He made us stop while he listened for quite awhile.  I could tell that he was trying to figure out by the cries who it was exactly that was crying.  Finally, he said that he wanted to go see what was up.  He went to check on the other child and came back.  The kid hadn’t stopped crying, but I guess he was satisfied that all was OK.
   I’m headed downstairs now to the lobby to see if I can post this and add some pictures.  I didn’t feel as bad about my inability to get the pictures to do right when I enlisted Marty’s help (Toni’s brother) and he couldn’t get it to do, either.  And, he knows much more about computers than I do!!  If all else fails, I guess I’ll just have to add pictures one at a time. L

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