Monday, April 4, 2011

Two Weeks from Today....

   ... we will be laying eyes on Teodor for the first time.  I'm SO very ready to see his sweet face in person.  What's odd is that since the only picture we have of him is old, he likely will look different.  This is MY child, and yet I wonder if I'll recognize him!  :)  I think of how much Justin has changed in the last year or 2, and I wonder how much he will have changed.
   Last night, Dan and I planned the activities that we'll play with him while we're there.  There are a few things that I still need to buy.
   I wonder when he'll find out that we're coming.  What exactly will they tell him?  I don't want him to feel any pressure that he has to "perform" for us or we won't be happy with him, and yet I'd guess that that will be the very way that he WILL feel.  I'm praying that he'll relax quickly and that we'll get to know the real him during the short visits that we'll have together.

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  1. I noticed on the database that you are getting close to travel. Congratulations!! I can relate to your feeling of wondering if you will recognize him. Thankfully for us, they brought ONLY our daughter into the room so I didn't have to pick her out of a crowd. Happy packing!!
    Joy McClain