Saturday, August 6, 2011

Arrived in Sofia!!

  We're here and trying to stay awake!  The flights over were fine.  We had an extra flight this time compared to when we came in April.  It did make us more tired, but we're just glad to be on the ground and in the hotel.
  We first flew from Montgomery to Charlotte, and as we finished checking in for the flight from Charlotte to Munich, we turned around and recognized a couple behind us.  It was one of the couples who also hosted children with the summer program that we participated in.  They were on their way to the Eastern European country of their child!  ...On our SAME flight......  how's that for a small world??  They had hosted the boy and his sister back in the winter program, and had started the process of adoption in January.  When it was time for the summer hosting session, they weren't quite finished with the paperwork process, and weren't exactly sure when they would travel to complete the adoption.  They didn't want their kids to be sitting at the orphanage all summer waiting, so they "hosted" again!!  Well, during the month of July, all of their paperwork made it to the country, and their travel dates were set.... leaving today!! 
  We both had about 4 hours of a layover in Munich, so we sat at a coffee shop and talked about adoption and adjustments with new children, and shared stories from the summer.  Then, we walked around the airport together until time to board to go onward to our next destinations to get our kids!!  That was a great way to make those hours seem shorter!!  It certainly was a nice surprise!!
   We'll leave with Toni and Marti at 10:15 in the morning to drive to Teddy's region.  Please be praying for Toni as she really isn't feeling well.  I wish the drive were shorter.... the cross-country trip is beautiful for us, but 6-7 hours in the van might not be so much fun for her.

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