Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where IS that camera, anyway???

   I am really about to fall asleep here at the computer, but since I have not posted once this whole week, I thought I'd write something quickly.  Pictures will not be coming with this post since right now, I have no idea where the camera even is, and I have not been very good at all about keeping it with me this week.  Anna and I REALLY wished that one  of us would have remembered to take it along on our trip to Montgomery this afternoon.  We first went to the eye doctor, and got Teddy's eye exam done and his glasses picked out.  We'll get them tomorrow when I have to go back to Montgomery for a meeting.  He looks very cute in them, and he is so very excited.  Unfortunately, I don't know how to say "the day after tomorrow," in Bulgarian, so Teddy thinks he's getting them tomorrow!  Ha!  I knew that he would be quite frustrated after all the fun in picking out the frames to have to leave them at the lab to have his lenses put in.  Anna and I tried our best to explain to him what they were going to do with his frames.  But, I have an idea that he still is pretty clueless.  So, I said tomorrow, and tried to explain -- not really tomorrow but later after that.  Didn't work -- he came home and proudly announced to everyone here that he's getting his glasses tomorrow!  Oh well--   Maybe we'll go swimming tomorrow and that will make up for it!!  :)   He still asks if we're going swimming every time we get in the van~!
   Back to the eye exam.  I had called last week and asked how to plan to go about all this with the language barrier.  The doctor is really nice and he suggested that we use the 'E' chart that rotates the E's around.  All Teddy would have to do would be point up or down or left or right.  I made flash cards of E's and we practiced at home....  complete with a sticker at the end because he did so well!  Ha!  And, he did wonderfully well at the doctor's office, too!  By the time we'd made it to this week, I knew that Teddy's knowledge of numbers in English was good enough that we could use the number chart, too, and he did great on that, as well.  He's been highly motivated to work on math this week.  -- The main reason is that we have an electronic "Math Whiz" that has lots of buttons to push (!) and I can set it to review easy math facts.  I have him do math last almost as a reward!
   After the eye exam, we went to a fast food place that has a great play area, and he and Leslie had a terrific time playing there after they finished their supper.  I had not originally wanted Leslie to go along because I knew we'd be getting home late.  But, there watching them play, I was so glad that Anna and I were not having to crawl up in the play area to help him find the way through the tunnel to the slides.  "Slide" was his second new word this evening.  "Glasses" was the first!
   I'll find my camera and just do a "pictures of the week" post soon, but for now, I'm headed to bed.  Sleep is precious these days!

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