Thursday, August 11, 2011

Busy Day

   This morning we slept late (no big surprise since I keep staying up so late!) and we ate breakfast late.  Toni had called yesterday evening to tell us to be ready at 9:30.  Her cousin, DeeDee (probably spelled DiDi here) picked us up and we headed to the clinic where Teddy would see 3 doctors.  The first was the eye doctor.  We knew that his eye sight was poor, and knew that at least he needed glasses, if not eye surgery.  So, we had good news.  The doctor was VERY kind and did a great job.  She said that he was seeing only about 50% right now.  That wasn't really good news, but think what a new world will open up to him when he does  get glasses!  And, she said that with the correct prescription, his eyesight could be corrected to 100% in one eye and around 70% in the other eye.  And, she said that his 'wandering eye" could be corrected only with glasses... it didn't seem to need any surgery.  So, before long, we'll have 4 out of 6 kids in glasses!!  WOW -- We'll make one eye doctor a happy person when our  family makes appointments!!
  The next place was the ear, nose and throat.  That was very fast....  then, on to the pediatrician.  He was nice as well, and gave Teddy a complete physical, checked his immunization record, and filled out papers that the embassy wanted to have.  Teddy was lacking one immunization, and they went ahead and gave it to him there.  He knew what was going on, and started to cry before the needle even got within eyesight.  So, there was our first big show of negative emotions.  I was honestly almost glad to see it.  He recovered well after it was over.
   We went to a downtown cafe with DiDi after that and had a great lunch.  We really appreciate ALL of Toni's family, and had a fun time with DiDi while Joey and Archie were doing all of the exact same things with DiDi's twin sister, Dani.  We all met up at the US Embassy for the interview with the consular there.  That entire place blew Teddy's mind.  He wanted to talk to all the guards about their walkie-talkies and weapons, he wanted to ask the security people all about the security check, he wanted to ask the consular all about his speaker phone.... and on and on!  OH-- not just ask, of course-- he wanted to touch all of these things, too.  It just about drove him crazy that in the doctor's office we wouldn't let him touch all of the equipment, and that in the car, we won't let him use the buttons to roll the windows up and down 100s of times.  Have I mentioned here how MUCH this guy loves  buttons??  It's definitely an obsession.  I explained how the TV issue wasn't so much about the television shows as it was about the remote control's buttons, right??  Well, the second day here, he punched the buttons a few 100 times too many, and the TV shut down.  We haven't bothered to have anyone from the hotel come up and fix it.  And, somehow he understood that it's broken, and that is that!!  Whew -- sure saved us from saying "no" a hundred times a day!!  Ha!  There are plenty of other things to say "no" about.  In fact, I feel like that is ALL we do all day long!!  :)  No -- don't touch the buttons on the phone (who knows HOW many long distance phone calls we'd have been charged for!!)  No-- don't take the key card out of the slot by the door because it turns off the AC as well as all the lights.  No-- don't touch the computer or it will freak out like the TV did!  No-- don't eat the whole box of oreos!!  .... and on and on! 
  I'll just have to post pictures tomorrow, because I haven't downloaded today's pics onto the computer yet, and I'm hoping to get to bed earlier tonight.
  Just one more full day, and we'll be leaving on our jet plane headed HOME!!  Hurray!!!!!!!!!

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