Saturday, August 20, 2011

True Colors

   When I first pulled up my blog I honestly could not even remember which day over the past week it was that I had posted something.  I had to re-read what I'd written to try to gain a reference point!  I realized that it was the day before  Teddy's stubborn nature had started to appear!!  Ha!
    I had written that he had always given in without too much of a fuss.  Welllll...  while he still doesn't pitch a major fit, he has started to put forth his wishes strongly!  Before Wednesday, he would not always like what I was asking him to do, and he would hesitate long and hard, hoping I would relent and change my mind.  But, when I didn't, he'd allow himself to be led in the direction I was steering him.  Well, since then he and I have had some battles, and he's learned that I don't back down!!  :)  Ha!  And, the great thing is that he still likes me!!!  .... although he certainly isn't too thrilled with me at the moment!  On Wednesday the girls were watching one of our episodes take place, and I mentioned casually to them that Teddy was about to realize that he has a mom as stubborn as he can be!  Several days (and several episodes!) later, Rachel patted me on the back, and said, "I do think that he's starting to get the picture!"
   One of the biggest areas that I can see improvement over all is in his developing ability to show affection.  When we made our first visit, Teddy showed NO affection whatsoever, and really didn't like it if I tried to hug him or touch him.  I didn't push it.  Since we've had him with us, he has tolerated my kisses at bedtime and other times.  I'd periodically ask if he'd sit in my lap to look at a book or do some other activity.  He had always refused until last night.  Last night after the younger kids were ready for bed, I got Leslie on one leg and gently pulled him only my other leg.  He actually liked it!  And, even reached back around to try to tickle me when I tickled him!!  He leaned back against me like Leslie did and seemed really relaxed.  That was HUGE!  It almost seemed like a cuddle!  -- Making progress!

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