Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two less orphans in the world today!!!!!!!

     This morning, 2 little boys woke up in our hotel to their first full day with families.  One is our Teddy, and the other is another cute little guy whose "gotcha day" was yesterday, too. 

Archie and Teddy lovin' life at McD's!!!!

I said last night in my post that we had new friends at the hotel.  Well, Joey Eicher came over as well this week to get his little boy, and we met him and Archie yesterday afternoon.  We spent a good part of today with them, and did our best to wear the boys out.  Joey was more successful!  We got the biggest laugh when, on our way back to the hotel after playing at a park, Archie sat down in the middle of the sidewalk and refused to go a step further!  It was hysterical!!  He won himself a trip back in his daddy's arms!!  :)  Joey's wife, Lisa, and their little girl are anxiously waiting back in Texas for the 2 of them to make it all the way HOME!

 It was a very good day, but - yet again- I've waited until after  Teddy went to sleep to have time to blog, and I'm fading fast.  I'll try to recap the day in pictures:

Starting work on the Lego airplane

Halfway done!!

Love those lips!!  They're making great airplane sounds!!

Mmmmm -- oreos....  He'd have eaten the whole box yesterday after he
finished off the box of crackers, but we made him wait!!

Happy meals for happy boys!!

Of course the best part was the toy that came with them!

They actually play music....  we've heard the song a few thousand times, now!

Soccer at the park--


The daddies pushing their boys on the swingset--

Teddy loved the slide
  We are definitely keeping busy!  I'm thankful for all the moms who have "been here and done this" that remind us that life DOES slow down again one day!  Ha!

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  1. These are great pictures, Christy, thank you for sharing! Archie is also so cute! I wonder if Joey and Lisa already have a child with Ds, or are familiar with Ds? The sit-down tactic is most likely one they will see again! ;)